Why does everybody need a new website?

Today the new website of Studio Schijnpoort is released. More video, more interaction and easier booking. But why does any company change their website? It's like a constant race. Every company is always in the process of building a new website when they contact us for more video footage.

New is always better.

Your clients always want more and better. Why not give it to them? Once every two years a minor make over of your website will lead to better conversion rates. If a restaurant has a new interior or a new menu, it's always a good reason for a visit. The same goes for webpages.

Technology doesn't stop either.

Websites need to comply with the lastest in trends. You want to give a premium impression to your visitors. The latest in safety (because you don't want to be the cause of an intelligence leak), totally filled with SEO buzz words and tech savvy lingo, up to date pictures and video, ... just because the capabilities of what websites can be, changes at a more rapid pace.

We are constantly connected.

Our lives have become mobile first. A new website also allows to rethink the website to be capable to give the best impression on mobile and desktop. Nowadays we are almost always on our cell phone. So websites and video need to be ready for that.

That's why we have a new website. I hope you enjoy it!

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